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Lyon Character Sheet by nipuni Lyon Character Sheet by nipuni
Our Tera characters! This is the first of a series, i'll be uploading the boys first and then the girls since i'm not done with them yet :3

These characters are from Tera online universe, so if you are not familiar with Tera's lore here i'll add some key concepts to the game and background story for Lyon and Naren characters.

The Core:

An energy source so closely entwined with Elven civilization that it getting destroyed or lost means an end to the elves. Requires a living vessel in order for the energy to remain stable. Very few elves are compatible with the Core and able to successfully contain the energies. Serion is the original and current living embodiment of the Core, but the Council Of Elders fears a repeat of the Core becoming unstable and want someone on hand to take over for Serion if he should become incapable of housing the Core. And it being such a central part to their civilization and that the race as a whole is very political and warlike in nature, the Council is extremely paranoid and just a choosy as to who the potential replacement vessels are. They decide it's best to raise one from scratch.


Surname of the family of elves dedicated to protecting Serion and everything else related to the Core. The family head at the time was close friends with Serion, when he chose to sacrifice himself to prevent the Core from growing unstable, the head of the Laethalils decided that him and his descendants would protect Serion, the Core, and the ones who may become the Core, from that point on. At the time the Council was grateful for the extra protection, but as time has gone by they've grown wary of the family's close ties with the Core.


Race of mechanized beings that are hive mind in nature and follow a Queen. Their ultimate goal is to convert living things into Argon or harvest them for energy to fuel their race and to destroy everything else that can't be converted or harvested.


Lyon was born for the purpose of serving as a potential vessel in case the Core needed to be transferred from Serion. It's a fate he has wanted to avoid since learning about it. It meant he could never leave the city and explore the outside world that he read about and that becoming the living embodiment of the Core leaves one in a state that's between life and death. Basically cut off and isolated from all semblance of a normal life. The older he got, the more fearful he became of that fate and the more determined and defiant he grew towards the ones trying to mold him to accept it.
Naren is the nephew of the current head of the Laethalil family. Him and Lyon met as children, when he was lost and the latter was on one of his escapades through the city and became close friends. A quiet and sensitive child, Naren was drawn towards Lyon's seemingly more bold personality and drew strength from it to help overcome several personal challenges of his. As he got older he learned of the twisted fate that intertwined his family, Lyon, and the Core and decided he would step up and accept the family's role as protectors and be Lyon's personal one. He had hoped that by doing so, he could help and protect his friend in the same way that Lyon had always helped him. He discovered that somewhere along the way he developed an attraction towards his friend, one that could never be realized as long as they continued in the roles that they were in.
When Lyon reached his breaking point, deciding that the only way to escape his fate was to run from it, Naren agreed to come with. They managed to evade the safeguards put into place to keep Lyon within the area and were able to travel far north. But the expedition they had joined to aid in their travels was attacked by strange invaders. These Argons succeeded in their attack and ran off with several party members captured. Naren was one of two survivors that the Argons thought dead and had left behind. He and the other were able to rescue two of the captives, one being Lyon, but not before the Argons started the converting process. It was interrupted, but had progressed enough to where Lyon's left ear was partially Argonized and his mind shattered. He retained his knowledge of things, but very little emotion and no memories of himself or others. Naren was determined not to abandon him, and to help him regain those lost pieces of his mind, but was always worried and hesitant in how he acted around Lyon, not wanting his personal feelings and emotions somehow influence Lyon during this recovery period. He knew Lyon's belief in people deciding things for themselves and wanted to respect that as much as possible, even if it meant Lyon might never fully remember who Naren was to him.
Apathetic at first, as years went by he regained most of his memories and for the most part returned to who he was originally. Barring his tendency to forget social norms and inability to see things as anything but shades of gray. The physical argonization of his left ear and auditory sense is permanent and acts as a sort of antenna allowing him to pick up on Argon communication when in range. There's no way he can prevent this other than moving further away. Too many Argon 'voices' in his head makes him confused and forget himself and Naren is often the one to snap him out of it or drags him away. He feels a slight compulsion to obey overheard commands. He can easily ignore it when he's himself, but in a confused state, body has a tendency to react before his mind realizes it.





-credit for the story goes to Zhi <33 and also Lyon and Zhi's characters belong to her, and she helped me write all character descriptions as well!-
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HitokiriChibi Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is probably my favourite but only cause he reminds me of a role play character I have who is also quite mischievous and likes to push people's buttons XD
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
6'3" feet (190.5 cm) Wow! I can't deny. He's extremely tall. To meet such a person in real life would be hell for me, 'cuz I stand at around 169 cm and that's an entire head height difference. He'd pretty much own me with one stare!
He looks quite charming though ;P
nipuni Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
High elves in Tera online are very tall :> well imagine how it would feel for me! i'm 5' (152 cm) hahah
thank you!
Shade-Echidna Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL the fact he can't read maps because they aren't drawn to scale is what done me in. I lasted that long not cracking up till then XD I love this guy
nipuni Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
hahaha he is an interesting guy, i love him too! <3
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